Welcome! (Plus an intro to SLAM)

Hey Everyone,

For everyone moving over from my old blogspot blog, welcome to my new online home! I apologize for the extremely long vacation from writing (and for the e-mail of all my past blogs to those of you signed up on my e-mail list – was hoping to avoid that in the migration but it didn’t happen).

This is just a quick update to say I’m alive and well and to share a quick video that Erin and I made for the University of Waterloo chapter a couple of weeks ago. They put it all together for us and uploaded it to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR-TwHgeyRs. It is a quick introduction to the new Systems, Leadership and Management (SLAM) strategy that Erin and I are heading up.

Get ready for more posts on that strategy in the near future! I’ve been reading a lot about startups and customer development lately and I hope to share some of the interesting comparisons between the human development world and the tech startup/business world.

Hope you’re all doing well and more to come soon!



PS I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks working on a secret project for the EWB 2011 Conference. It launches tomorrow so expect more details then!

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One Response to Welcome! (Plus an intro to SLAM)

  1. Richard Renaud says:

    Merci de partager cette expérience (même si tu ne parles pas français dans tes films)! You both seem to be in good shape. Same thing here! Continuez votre travail…

    Richard Renaud

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