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Lunch on the Farm – Friday Flims #3

Welcome again to Friday Flims! This week we’ve got a short clip of lunch on the farm. Check out Dery, Emelia and I as we eat some tasty boiled yams and groundnut soup after a long morning out in the … Continue reading

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Strategy Development – In Small Meal Sized Chunks

A quick personal update before I get into the meat of this post. As you might know if you’ve been following Erin’s blog there have been some staff changes and rejigging of roles on our team this year, which has … Continue reading

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Harvesting Termites for Chicken Feed – Friday Flims #2

Friday Flims #2 is here! And on a Wednesday! My apologies – apparently there was a small problem on the server where my blog is posted and it’s causing some issues with my pre-scheduled blog posts. So while I thought … Continue reading

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Alhassan on Mango Grafting – Friday Flims #1

Hi everyone, Sometimes it takes a trip home to remember how much video you have saved up on your computer! I had great time showing videos I’ve taken over the last year when I was home for Christmas so this … Continue reading

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Me Talking About Failure and Aid

This is a short update to share a quick one-minute video of yours truly on the Globe and Mail website talking about one of my favourite topics – aid and failure. Check it out at That’s all for now – … Continue reading

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Tech Startups and Human Development: Different Worlds?

This is the first post in what will be some sort of a series or at least a recurring theme on what I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past few months. There is way too much to put … Continue reading

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Who’s coming to EWB National Conference 2011?

Hey Everyone, It’s EWB’s 10th anniversary and we’re having our biggest conference yet to celebrate in Toronto this January. For the past three weeks I was seconded to the conference team to build a website to generate some buzz about … Continue reading

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Welcome! (Plus an intro to SLAM)

Hey Everyone, For everyone moving over from my old blogspot blog, welcome to my new online home! I apologize for the extremely long vacation from writing (and for the e-mail of all my past blogs to those of you signed … Continue reading

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Positive Results

Last Saturday started in typical fashion. After a 4:30am wake up and quick trip to Wakawaka so Dery could get some local ‘performances’ done (read: local medicine/magic/whatever) we pulled back into the market square around 9:30am to sit down at … Continue reading

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Good Enough

I would be lying if I didn’t say that the past five months have been a struggle for me. In many ways this blog has been a reflection of those challenges. I’m not sure how noticeable it has been for … Continue reading

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