Alhassan on Mango Grafting – Friday Flims #1

Hi everyone,

Sometimes it takes a trip home to remember how much video you have saved up on your computer! I had great time showing videos I’ve taken over the last year when I was home for Christmas so this year I want to do a much better job of sharing them with you. So this post is to announce a new segment – Friday Flims! And no, that’s not a typo, it’s in the spirit of the Ghanaian accents you’ll have to get used to hearing.

I spent some time uploading videos while I was back in Canada so I have 10 in the pipeline. That’s all I promise for now but hopefully life will continue to be interesting here and I’ll get some more great shots!

The first video is of Alhassan from Blema, my village stay way back in March 2010, almost a year ago. Here he is explaining mango grafting.

Alhassan on Mango Grafting

Have a great Friday and weekend!


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4 Responses to Alhassan on Mango Grafting – Friday Flims #1

  1. Neenah Navasero says:

    Hey Ben,
    This is great! i’ll certainly tune in on fridays to see what you post :) this reminds me of the work my dad did in nigeria when we lived there and he was working as an agricultural engineer.
    i hope things are going well!
    take care,

  2. Ashley says:

    Wow Ben, Rock on. This video makes me wish I was back there with you.
    Just finished Friday wine down where you and your special lady-friend were honoured en masse.

    Can’t wait to watch the weekly videos and share them widely.
    Kyle says hi.
    x ash

  3. Richard Renaud says:

    Bonjour Ben!

    J’ai regardé cette vidéo et en même temps je voyais par la fenêtre une belle neige tomber sur Alma. Les mangues ne poussent malheureusement pas dans nos arbres! Merci de me montrer d’où elles viennent.

    C’est toujours une grande joie d’avoir des nouvelles de toi et d’entendre ta voix!

    À vendredi prochain…

    Richard Renaud

  4. Josh says:

    Hey Ben,

    This is great! Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have to share!

    With the mangos that they’re growing, my understanding is that in Canada almost all Apple trees are grafted so that they are a variety with strong roots but consistent fruit. Is there a similar approach in Ghana with mangos? Do they graft just for variety? Or do mangos really vary a lot and only a few types are really tasty?

    Looking forward to the next video!

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