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Hey Everyone,

After a long hiatus I’m excited to announce a series of videos about life on the farm in Seripe. I’ll be filming a few short clips each week and uploading them to youtube (yes it’s possible, it just takes about a day).

You’ll have to bear with me – the first episode was completely impromptu and my video editing skills are poor, but I hope you enjoy it! Check it out at or below.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions of things to film for an episode, I’m taking requests! This episode doesn’t do a very good job of introducing Dery, the farmer I’m staying with, so I’ll work on a quick intro piece so you get to know him and a bit about where he’s at.

I also took off to Tamale for a week of team meetings and left the camera with Dery, so expect an episode about ploughing as soon as I can get the editing done.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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8 Responses to This Week on the Farm – Video Blog

  1. Mike Klassen says:

    This is incredible! Thanks for taking the time to upload the video Ben. I think it's the little things conveyed in intonation and body language that are nearly impossible to write about, but which come out so clearly in this form.

    Trying to understand the language tense, using Ghanaian accent and english – and I appreciate the fact that you left in that little clip at the end, giving us a taste for what it's like to be learning language.

    I hope you continue to find the patience for the upload time :)

    Take Care.

  2. Alex says:

    Hey Ben!

    Yay. Thanks for putting it up. Can't wait to share it with the chapter. Like a trip to Ghana minus the flight! Can't wait to hear more about Dery.

    <3 Alex

  3. Allison says:

    Ben Best!
    This is incredible! Awesome commitment to sharing the farming realities in Ghana. I loved this, and I shared it with as many people as I could because it was great. I think the captions were really useful, and the light editing and framing of what you were talking about was super important and helped with flow. Looking forward to seeing what else this series will bring, I encourage you to continue with this project.

    Would love seeing some more pieces around what is challenging about farming, what is working, what is not.

    Chat soon,


    PS May I also say that you are looking well!

  4. Adam F-K says:

    Most excellent! Dery is a film star! The interactions between the two of you seemed very natural and brightened my day a lot!


    Adam F-K :)

  5. Josh says:

    Thanks Ben! Its been far too long since I've seen you! Its great to see the kind of work that is involved in prepping the field and also that there is time to sit back when you're done.

    Keep rockin'!


  6. ben-in-ghana says:

    Thanks for all the comments so far! And the great feedback! Just dropped 40 GHc ($30ish) on Internet credit as a commitment to uploading more video – episode 2 is on its way.

  7. Josh says:


    Fantastic video–thanks so much for taking the time to share. It really takes the complexity out of imagining what farming is like in Ghana; especially when I'm not even comfortable with what farming looks like in Canada.

    This is a stellar tool for sharing with friends and family in our chapter. Can't wait to see the upcoming episodes!


  8. Olivia says:

    Awesome video and accent :) Can't wait for the next one!

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